furniture storage

When there is to be a transition period between your old and your new address, Socquet offer the ideal solution: furniture storage. For a monthly fee, you can leave your belongings with us in all confidence, small or large volumes, short or long term. Our team will carefully pack your items before placing them in a private container. Our storage is in a discrete and sheltered location, with 24 hour security. Temperatures and humidity levels are kept at a constant level thanks to the air-conditioning system. Socquet can store a wide range of items, from furniture and office equipment to archives.

mobile & practical

Socquet also offer a mobile container storage solution, thus limiting the amount of loading and unloading necessary. A container is placed at the loading address where our team will take care of loading everything. The container is then stored in a secured warehouse and will be taken back to you upon request. 

Until our daughter moves out on her own next year, we need to store her furniture. A team came to pack and load everything. When Sophie is ready, Socquet will deliver and take all her belongings up to her new home.
— Hans, Dilbeek
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